Chocolates, treats, and the sweet things in life

Boxed Chocolates

Six flavors in honor of the summer!

Box of 6

Underneath each chocolate is a descriptor letting you know which chocolate is which. Enjoy!

Mango Cayenne

Dried mango steeped with cream and cayenne pepper, blended in a milk chocolate ganache. Milk chocolate coverage.

Pairings: Light reds, Moscatel, Pedro Ximénez, or Port.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in milk chocolate

Mint & Green Tea

Fresh mint steeped with green tea and blended into a milk chocolate ganache. Very fresh on the palette without the chill. Dark chocolate coverage.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate,

Campari Royal

Soft light caramel with Campari and Grand Marnier cordial.  Will experience a little heat, alcohol has not been burned off.  Coated with white and milk chocolate.

Dietary notes: alcohol, dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Balsamic Sour Cherry

Sour cherries blended with a milk chocolate ganache and topped with a reduction of Drizzle Black Cherry Balsamic.  Coated with dark chocolate. 

Pairings: Port wines, sweet sherries, and light reds.

Dietary Notes: dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Honey Sesame

Honey butter ganache with blended sesame and turmeric. Dark chocolate coverage.

Pairings: Light reds.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, honey, sesame seeds, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Vanilla Sea Salted Caramel

Dark chocolate coated chewy caramel topped with vanilla bean infused sea salt. Dark chocolate coverage.

Pairings: Great on its own or with red wine, bourbon, coffee. Sharing optional.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

*The chocolates containing liquor as an ingredient is meant to enhance the flavor and not meant to have a burning sensation, although this may depend on your own tastebuds.

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