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Boxed Chocolates

Wait, what is this?

We are currently updating the site for our Autumn line so there may not be any pretty pictures or descriptions, but there will be!

Chocolates will be available October 4th.

Box of 6 – Coming soon

Underneath each chocolate is a descriptor letting you know which chocolate is which. Enjoy!

Spicey Amaro

Caramel ganache spiced with red pepper flakes and flavored with SennzaFinne Libations Winter Amaro. Dark Chocolate coverage

Pairings: Amaro, bold red wines, coffee

Dietary notes: Contains alcohol, dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Aromatically Infused Tobacco Truffles

Dark Chocolate aromatically infused with sweet pipe tobacco for six weeks, made into a ganache with a layer of caramel. Dark chocolate coating.

Pairings:  Bourbon, Bold Red Wine, earthy amaro

Dietary notes:  Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate and has been around tobacco.

Bourbon Old Fashion

Bourbon marinated cherries & orange, blended in a milk and dark chocolate ganache. Milk chocolate coverage.

Pairings: Bourbon, Merlot, Pinot Noir

Dietary notes: alcohol, dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Cabernet Caramel

Soft Caramel made with Cabernet Sauvignon and milk chocolate. Dark chocolate coverage.

Pairings: best with bold red wines, and of course, Cabernets.

Dietary Notes: Contains alcohol, dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Café con avellanas

Coffee ganache on a layer of hazelnut gianduja. Dark chocolate coverage with a dusting of coffee.

Pairings: Light reds, coffee, and bourbon.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, tree nut (hazelnut & almond), caffeine in coffee, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Pumpkin Pie

Milk chocolate ganache containing actual pumpkin and all the spices that that keep us coming back for more. Dark chocolate coverage.

Pairings: Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Box of 12 – Available October 4th

Sake 酒

Sake cordial with hints of yuzu. Coated with dark chocolate.

Dietary notes: Contains alcohol, corn starch, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Vanilla Cranberry Red Peppercorn

White chocolate and cranberry ganache coated with white chocolate and embedded with pink peppercorn. White chocolate coverage

Pairings: Dry Rieslings, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

Vanilla Sea Salted Caramel

Dark chocolate coated chewy caramel topped with vanilla bean infused sea salt. Dark chocolate coverage.

Pairings: Great on its own or with red wine, bourbon, coffee. Sharing optional.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.


Creamy brown sugar caramel and butter mixed with Callebaut Gold for a rich, Halloween treat.  Dark chocolate coating

Pairings:  Rum, whisky

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

No alcohol

Portly Beast

Local Porter made into a dark chocolate caramel ganache with the addition of black cardamom for added smokiness. Milk chocolate coverage.

Pairing: Bold reds, porters and stouts, bourbon, mezcal.

Dietary notes: Contains alcohol, dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

P n’ J

Peanut butter gianduja layered with creme de cassis soft caramel and currants. Milk and dark chocolate coating.

Pairings: Glass of milk, bourbon.

Dietary notes: contains peanut, alcohol, dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.

*The chocolates containing alcohol as an ingredient is meant to enhance the flavor and not meant to have a burning sensation, although this may depend on your own tastebuds.

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