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Interested in traveling to Spain and interning at Michelin Star restaurants, Tapas Bars, Pastry Shops?  Here is the most current brochure describing the opportunities available to further your knowledge of Spanish culture, cuisine, and ingredients.  Click below!


Personal note:  This is an amazing opportunity. You will experience things that your average tourist could never see or do. If you have never visited another country, this is the PERFECT opportunity for you. You will be with professionals who know the area and the people. Every person who has taken one of our trips has caught the travel bug and wants to experience new places. Being a traveler makes you not only wiser but more understanding of other people and their culture. If you love food, wine, history, and making new friends, this is the trip for you!

– Chef James Martin




If you are interested in translations of ingredients or kitchen terms commonly used in Spanish kitchens, feel free to add this handy tool to the home screen of your phone.  This is something I put together to help me on my journeys and also made it available to my students while doing their internships. Enjoy!

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