Chocolates, treats, and the sweet things in life


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Autumn Pairing

Apple Walnut

Dried apple gelée with black cardamom layered with a walnut caramel. Earthy Autumn flavors. Oat milk chocolate couverture.

Dietary notes: contains dairy (butter and cream in caramel), tree nut.

Winter Pairing

Pipe Tobacco Truffles

Dark Chocolate aromatically infused with sweet pipe tobacco for six weeks then becoming a truffle ganache with a layer of caramel. Dark chocolate couverture.

Dietary notes: Contains dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate and has been around tobacco.

Spring Pairing

Lemon Juniper

Lemon juice steeped with toasted juniper berries, strained into oat milk chocolate. Oat milk chocolate couverture.

Dietary notes: dairy (cream in ganache).

Summer Pairing

Orange & Caraway

Orange and caraway creme ganache blended with orange pâte de fruit then coated in white chocolate couverture.

Dietary notes: Dairy (cream and milk powder in chocolate), soy lecithin in chocolate.

Always Pairing

Vanilla Cherry

Rainier cherries steeped with vanilla bean and pureed into an oat milk chocolate ganache. Dark chocolate couverture.

Dietary notes: Dairy (cream in ganache), soy lecithin in chocolate.

Made with Amaro

Spicy Amaro

Caramel ganache spiced with red pepper flakes and flavored with SennzaFinne Libations Winter Amaro. Dark Chocolate couverture.

Dietary notes: Contains alcohol, dairy, soy lecithin in chocolate.