Chocolates, treats, and the sweet things in life



“A blood-orange parfait with rosemary macaroons is exquisite, a colorful and creamy endnote”
Crain’s List Chicago


“James Martin’s inventive desserts include a very good goat cheese cheesecake adorned with diced strawberries in beet syrup, matched to tarragon sorbet. His passion fruit bombe in filed with Bavarian cream, garnished with kiwi and pineapple and finished with a vanilla-chardonnay sauce.  Even the pesdestrian-sounding chocolate cake has a surprise filling of caramel and crème anglaise.”

Phil Vettel, Chicago Tribune



“Throughout the dinner the kitchen sends out one amuse after another, small nibbles to keep the juices flowing, right up to the point just before dessert (a nibble of strawberry sponge with vanilla cream) and one after dessert (a matched set of delicate madelines).
Dessert of note includes a stack of three very delicious carrot cake cookies that are “glued” together by honey cream frosting and capped with a small knob of cream cheese ice cream.
Also enjoyable was the pistachio Créme Brulée.  Rich and lush, the custard with its canvas of properly brittle sugar was piled deep in quite a fancy dish.  Two tasty cookies were on the plate with the Brulée, along with a some extra nibbles of pistachios.”
Chicago Sun-Times