Chocolates, treats, and the sweet things in life


I believe food should be simple and at the same time, an adventure.  Some chocolates might be familiar, while others offer a slight twist with something unexpected.  My candies are my easel for colors and creativity, but believe that while the eye eats first, food is still food.

By working to experience new flavors and learning to combine them with others, this gives the customer and myself a chance to go on a gastronomic adventure.

I love what I do, and I want to show the world.

James Martin, Pastry Chef -who loves to play with chocolate.

What I enjoy doing


Petit Fours

European Cakes

Teaching, I love to teach

Spanish Tapas


SELF EMPLOYED Pastry Chef and Chocolatier (2009 – Present)
Consult with clients to develop and deliver seasonally appropriate menus for their functions. Create petit four buffets for weddings and corporate events. Teach classes on chocolate, candy making, petit fours, and plated desserts. Create chocolate candies to pair with wine and spirits, such as bourbon and mezcal.

SEATTLE CULINARY ACADEMY – SEATTLE CENTRAL COLLEGE Pastry Chef / Instructor (January 2007 to August 2020) Created menus and instruct European cake design for students including a variety of mousses, crémeuxs, gelées, and sponges using seasonal ingredients. Specialize in cakes, petit fours, chocolate candies and decoration, and worked with instituting production of Asian pastries and breads.

COPPERBLUE RESTAURANT Pastry Chef (2005 – 2007)
Recipient of multiple three-star reviews. Responsible for creating a French-Mediterranean menu for each micro season. Designed, prepared, and plated desserts for restaurant and special events. Made chocolate candies and décor. Created daily dessert Amuse and Mignardise for service. Menu design, costing, and purchasing responsibilities.