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JM Pastries (and chocolates)

Currently, JM Pastries and Chocolates caters special functions, such as chocolates and desserts for wine events.  Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill single orders for boxes of chocolates or other pastries, but encourage you to keep an eye on our events page for where we might show up next.  Thank you for your interest.

James Martin, Pastry Chef

Chef James Martin is a former student and graduate of the Seattle Culinary Academy. While attending school he began work at one of Seattle’s top French Pâtisseries. There he honed his skills and gained rave reviews from customers for his cake creations and imaginative décor. Early in 2005, James moved to Chicago in order to explore new trends and flavors. While working at the Peninsula Hotel, he was introduced to Asian pastries and was able to experience new flavor combinations and production methods. James then became the Pastry Chef at one of Chicago’s newest Mediterranean restaurants, Copperblue, where he and the restaurant received praise from multiple publications and a coveted 3-star rating. Here, he gained an appreciation for North African spices and herbs, which he incorporated into his pastries. He began to focus on Spanish pastry and cuisine, and while using his French training, worked to combine the ingredients and techniques from both disciplines.
In 2012, James attended Escuela Internacional de Cocina in Valladolid, Spain. There he was trained by five of Spain’s top chef’s covering desserts, tapas, molecular gastronomy, and many traditional and modern dishes being served in some of Spain’s best restaurants and bakeries. James also had the chance to stage with Chef Julian Arranz at his bakeshop where he worked closely with the chef and his crew preparing desserts for weddings and local celebrations.
In January 2020, James atteneded Máster de Chocolate at Escola de Pastisseria del Gremi Barcelona (EPGB), having the opportunity to study with amazing Chefs from around the world focusing on their specialties.
Currently James is working with e-Spain to help students, cooks, and chefs find internships at Michelin Star restaurants, Tapas Bars, and pastry shops around Spain.


I believe food should be simple and at the same time, an adventure.  I look to please the customer by offering them items that may be familiar, but with a slight twist or addition to catch them off guard and allow them to experience something new.

By working to experience new flavors and learning to combine them with others, I feel this gives the customer and myself a chance to go on a gastronomic adventure.

I love what I do, and I want to show the world.